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Thread: Contest Mar 13 to Mar 19, 2017 - Pyramid Curse

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    Default Contest Mar 13 to Mar 19, 2017 - Pyramid Curse

    We are giving away a Pyramid Curse to a random poster from Mar 13, 2017 through Mar 19, 2017.

    == General Giveaway Rules

    Every post made on BowlingBoards during the dates listed above will be considered an entry. Drawing will be done the first business day following the contest period. Winner will be contacted via email and through Contest winners will receive Free Shipping within the contiguous US. Winners from other locations are eligible to win but will be responsible for actual shipping costs to their location.

    BowlingBoards is a moderated site and reserves the right to delete any post deemed illegitimate, automatic, or just plain off topic.

    Members of Bowling Boards' Facebook page ( are also eligible to win each week. You must "Like" the Bowling Boards Facebook page and comment/like/share on the weekly giveaway post to be entered to win that week's contest.

    Think of these as separate entries. Better odds of winning!

    The goal of BowlingBoards is to bring more people into our community. Participate in the conversations happening here. And while you are at it, you will be earning entries into our drawing.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! -- We reserve the right to redraw a winner if the winning post is not of quality content. Quality content is at the sole discretion of the administrators. This means that one word posts will not qualify. Repeating what someone else has said does not qualify.

    Just participate in the conversation instead of "trying to win" a drawing. The more you participate, the better your chances.
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    SandBagger drlawsoniii's Avatar
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    you posted a Curse in place of the Vandal Destroy, though I will take either of them

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    I just won the Vandal Destroy from last week. I'm assuming its going to be the Curse they are doing this week

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    Would love to win the Pyramid Curse!

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    Winning a free ball would be great !

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    I would take either ball!
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    Gimme. I gotta have it. It may be the first ball i roll a 300 with

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    Need this to curse and destroy the lanes!!

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    Cool looking ball and never threw a pyramid. Would love the chance to

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    Do Not enter a pyramid to get a curse. Win it here!
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