PBA Regional was held at Holiday Lanes about two weeks ago. CJ Anderson of the Denver Broncos sponsored and bowled in the tournament. A lot of the touring Pros attended. Sean Rash, EJ Tackett, Francois Lavoie, Darren Tang, Matt O'Grady, and many local and out of state pros came and bowled the tournament. The Pro-Am session on Saturday day night had the most people I've ever seen and was the most fun I've ever had at the Pro-Am. Kudos to Pete McCordic and the proprietors of Holiday Lanes for hosting an awesome event. The finals on Sunday would have been worthy of being on ESPN. Matt O'Grady defeated Francois Lavoie 279 to 278, that's how good the final match was. Sean Rash and EJ Tackett both shot 300 in their preliminary matches and Sean moved on where EJ did not. Sean Rash lost his first game, won his second, then lost his third match by ONE pin in his next match.
The bowling was fantastic, the Pros were very friendly and approachable and a great time was had by everyone that attended.
Oh, yeah, Storm came out on top!