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Thread: Contest April 3 to April 9, 2017 - Pyramid Pathogen

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    I have always loved the look of this ball in pictures. I have yet to see one in person, but hopefully that will change soon.

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    What do you like about the look out of curiosity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kpopko View Post
    How do you like your dare devil so far? Is it a smooth hook or more of a skid flip?
    Love it. With the polish it is flippy. If I take it down to 3000 no polish it will start to read the mids sooner and smooth it out some but still pretty angular. Nothing is as smooth as my Ghost and Black Hammer.

    If I were to get the Pathogen I would most likely set it up as a control layout and play around with surfaces. The joys of having a ball spinner at home.
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    I would love to have a pathogen. I had an original blueprint and it was a really good ball. I have wanted to try Pyramid again, now could be my chance. Videos of the pathogen look like it would be great on THS

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    If I win I will finally try a 14# Ball. I want to try one so bad but will not spend the money for a test and ending up leaving 5 pins. At least I blow the 5 out with my 15 but I don't have the speed with the 15 for good mixers or messengers. 12.5 is like flooring
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    Congrats to last week's Pyramid Pathogen #bowling ball giveaway winner, Michael Bailey!

    Right handed Stroker, high track ,about 13 degree axis tilt. PAP is located 5 9/16” over 1 3/4” up.Speed ave. about 14 mph at the pins. Medium rev’s.High Game 300, High series 798

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