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Thread: Contest April 10, 2017 to April 16, 2017 - Brunswick Fanatic SS

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    Which Columbia do you throw?

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    I do love how all the new balls have unique color schemes. Is much more appealing to the eyes in my opinion.

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    What do you throw now?

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    What do you like about this particular ball?

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    Storm has made a huge push as well as hammer. Brunswick is still an amazing ball with great reaction though .

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    Love the swirl on this ball as well as the reaction videos I have watched. Some surface with my style would allow some monster pin carry. Who is ready to challenge me after I drill this baby up? Once again, thank you for allowing all of us to have a chance to win great equipment. Knock em down bowlers. Would love to hear some super success from anyone throwing 800 series or 300 games. Anyone have an amazing week with bowling?

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    #14 lb please, need to pick up speed.....

    thanks in advance
    “There’s nothing like throwing a 16lb 8.5 inch sphere at 10 3.5lb wooden objects spaced 12 inches apart and having them all hit each other” proud member of bowling forums and ball contest winner

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    Lou, have you ever tried tossing a 15lb ball?

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    In thinking about the Brunswick brands, is it just me or does it seem as if DV8 product has fizzled out? I never quite understood from a performance standpoint what niche DV8 filled, but it seems as if Radical has replaced it.

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    [QUOTE=briandking1906;157632]I didn't see it at first, but now I got it. Now I will be checking some of my equipment.

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