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Thread: How THS has ruined bowling, and why we should all quit and play Bocce ball instead !

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    That's why I started trying to bowl sport leagues unfortunately there are few and hard to come by around here. But its a great way to see how good you really are. If you average over 190 in a sport league your definitely good regardless of how much equipment you own because its made the game have more emphasis on accuracy and not how many revs and how many bowling balls you own. I wish there were more sport leagues to bowl in becausse in my opinion alot of these great THS bowlers would see how great they really are.

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    "Can't ever get the quoting to work on this computer..."

    It's not your computer, it's the website. This message board layout is a mess.

    "Just getting back into bowling after a long 20 year break and its my opinion that between THS and modern equipment bowling has just plain gotten easier since I stopped league bowling in my early 20's (circa 1998) Between these crazy reactive resin balls and the advent of the Christmas tree house shot oil pattern it seems like the ball has a homing beacon to the general pocket area. I am just getting back into this game and my accuracy and mechanics still need a lot of tweaking to get even close to my old form yet I am averaging in the high 190's in open bowling practice by my own account. In my competitive junior bowling days (12 to 17) and then my men's league days (18 to 21) I had to bust my *** to average in the high 190's. And only in one short summer league did I average above 200 (203), and that was back when you got unlimited free summer bowling if you were in a summer league and I was practicing 3 to 4 days per week, 10 to 12 games per practice session.

    Conditions back then were harder in my opinion and it didn't seem to hurt bowling leagues one bit. By all accounts bowling was doing much better with higher participation 20 years ago with those harder conditions and weaker balls. I think the bigger issue here is that in today's society no one wants to work for anything.

    I agree with you mostly, but I recall back in the 80's we used to call an easy league shot "blocked". And many centers in the Rochester NY area used it. It was very similar to the THS, and was basically considered the standard in our area. It is nothing new for centers to put out an easier shot for the typical league shooters.

    Besides, most bowlers no matter how easy the shot, can't average more than 180 in most mixed leagues.

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