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Thread: How do "sponsorships" work?

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    One of my nationals teammates just got his sponsorship with Brunswick and without going to far into it there were a few factors that went into it.

    Locally: He was one of the first bowlers who really started using the Brunswick Edge Solid and posted a ton of numbers with it right at the time of release so he was noticed for that. Also, he recently purchased a pro shop that previously had a strong Brunswick presence so they were looking for a replacement (most likely). The other shops are owned/operated by PBA members so their alliance was already determined (EBI for 3 shops, Storm/Roto for another). Third thing is that he bowls a lot in a variety of leagues - high level scratch and some open leagues so his exposure is pretty good and he is willing to work with all levels of bowler.

    He also goes around to a decent number of regionals and will travel for tournaments so that does help. But as they are saying with many of the lower level people, his sponsorship is essentially here is one copy of each release from Brunswick; they don't cover tournament/travel expenses so it is a low cost way to get into a shop. Although he informed them that he will no sell exclusive Brunswick, he is getting volume with customers and if he is more familiar with their equipment he will most likely sell more of their equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan View Post
    The biggest surprise to me was when Chris Barnes left Columbia for 900 Global.

    Barnes was pretty much the premier bowler for Columbia300...I'm sure he had a good relationship with them and his teammates...he had the Mark Baker/Camp relationship...and his wife as well. And then...boom...900 Global goes from being a non-PBA ball company to a PBA ball company...and somehow they snagged Columbia's biggest name (and one of EBI's biggest names). I was pretty shocked when I saw that.
    There was a story going around that Chris Barnes wanted more involvement in the actual development of balls at Columbia300, and that was not something the company was willing to commit to. 900Global, on the other hand, said they would give him the opportunity to be included in the development phase. So he took the 900Global deal, and took Lynda with him since they are a package deal. Whether or not that story is true is unknown.

    Another surprising change was Ronnie Russell leaving Motiv and going to EBI. He was on a tear with Motiv equipment, and then makes a change to EBI. He seems to be doing well with EBI equipment, but it was definitely surprising.

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