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Thread: Bowling ball demo / video and the music

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    Default Bowling ball demo / video and the music

    I don't know about anyone else but the music tracks used on most of the ball demo video's are horrible, I have to mute them.

    Does anyone actually enjoy the music, do you feel it add's something to the video ? I would rather hear the ball on the lane and the sound of the ball hitting the pins.

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    Well if the music was something I liked, I might enjoy it.

    The main thing I don't like about it is a technical aspect, most of the people making the videos have the audio gain of the background music cranked up too high.

    Then when you watch the video, the volume comes on blaring loud even if you have your speaker volume turned down.

    They just don't realize really loud music doesn't make you look cool or hip. It just distracts the viewer from the video.

    They make music louder hoping to grab more attention, which is what a lot music companies did sometimes referred to as "the loudness war."

    Another thing is a lot of the tracks used are ones that come from indie sources etc. and are royalty free and have creative commons licenses that allow you to use them easily in your videos so you don't violate a copyright and have Youtube pull it.

    So while there is a lot of good music in those sources, there's a lot of %^&* too. So picking the right one takes some work and of course different people have different tastes.
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