In response to ALazySavage comment "(5) Make a separate "Champion of Champions" tournament (Mesa Metropolitan USBC does this) and that would work."

Dick Garn, who passed this past April, was the Creator of the now defunct National Golf tournament 'the Oldsmobile Scramble'. Dick was my mentor and together we put together the Champion of Champions format for bowling. This was about 20 Years ago, I would have to go to the files to get the exact details and dates. Dick was General Motors representative and was the person who determined where GM spent their sports advertising money at the time. I was developing another tournament concept at the same time but we both agreed it was not feasible due to issues with Proprietor involvement. So we came up with the Champion of Champions concept and presented it to the BPAA in Texas. They really liked the idea, so long as GM would sponsor it, but did not want Dick or myself involved. Dick did not like that response. After they rejected the project, Dick mentioned that Bowling needed GM more than GM needed bowling and we headed home. I wish he were alive today to see the progress I have made on my other tournaments.