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Thread: Contest June 26 to July 2, 2017 - Pyramid Pathogen X

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    Sure would like to try one of these balls and see how it rolls !

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    Thanks for the giveaway. Pyramid has good bowling balls for the price point. Blueprint was really good for me, it would be great to try the pathogen x, plus it has really good shelf appeal.

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    Would love to add this one to try it out!!

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    Would love to try a pyramid. Never threw one so this would be a great start

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    Does anybody know if this is a skid flip ball?

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    Never used a pyramid ball. Never seen one in person!
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    I could Create a "path" ogen to success with this cool orange ball!!

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    I've never used a pyramid ball but have seen many in person. Would love to have this ball

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    I already have one but another would be nice. Shot a 909 four game set the other day in a sport condition league with it. Low game was 158 :-(

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    Watched Sky H. throw this ball today at our doubles tournament. Would love to add this to my arsenal. All hands up for this guy.

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