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Thread: Contest July 3, 2017 to July 9, 2017 - Brunswick Edge Pearl

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    Would love to gain a competitive "edge" on he competition!!

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    Love the Brunswick lineup, could definitely use an Edge.

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    Yup....this is the one I want!

    Closet of destiny getting a little thin...time for to offer this beauty to the bowling GODs...i.e. Aslan (not Iceman...he's on the road so if you deliver it to his house it'll be sitting outside on one of the couches on his porch and crack). Plus, Iceman will just open the box, identify it as NOT a 'Deadly Aim' and return it.

    So lets go...Aslan wins...everyone else can win the NON-Brunswick Edge Pearls that Aslan doesn't want.

    In Bag: (: .) DV8 Grudge Hybrid; (: .) Storm Optimus Solid; (: .) Pyramid Force Pearl; (: .) Brunswick Fortera Exile; (: .) Ebonite Maxim
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    Smokey this is not 'Nam', this is bowling. There are rules. Proud two-time winner of a weekly ball give-away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDog514 View Post
    I would love this ball, looks good and rolls good from what I've seen
    I do not have the pearl. I have the Edge solid. That ball rolls phenominal. I would expect the same of the pearl when the lanes break down a little. Its very clean threw the heads as well

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    Could use a an edge when I hit the lanes.

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    Looks like the pearl will go long and be useful when the lanes start to break down after a couple of games. Would be a great compliment to my 300

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    Really could have used this ball tonight when the lanes broke down. The edge solid was rolling great. I need this ball to compliment the Edge Solid

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    Would love to add this ball!!!!

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    Always thankful for the giveaways. Fingers crossed my name's is drawn. Need a pearl in my mini arsenal

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    Good luck Aslan and all board members
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