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Thread: Having grip duplicated by

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    While I agree with the goal of having every ball drilled exactly the same way, I don't know about anyone else but even though mine are very close, they are not all exactly the same.

    I have used a couple different drillers, but even the balls done by the same individual are not exactly the same.....but they are all pretty close.

    The two items that we have had to adjust are the finger grip size and of course the thumb slug contour, for some reason, different brands, or styles of grips feel differently or they are influenced by the size hole they use for the grips.

    I have never sent a ball out to be drilled, however I have left a ball to be drilled along with the one I want the drilling copied from and had good results. Of course sometimes the thumb needed adjustment.
    I could see sending a ball out to be copied then when I get it back take it to one of my pro shop buddies if the thumb needs some tweaking, might not be the perfect solution or get an exact ball match, but I don't have that anyway.

    From the guys I know using them it seems the way to make it easy to duplicate drilling exactly would be using turbo or vise grip systems.

    All in all the biggest issue for me is sending my favorite ball out for a week and taking a slight risk it could get lost or damaged.
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    Been using buddies Proshop for almost ten years now. Sent a drill sheet through email after having bad luck with local PSO's, called them when my grip changed over the years, and through changes from tradition thumb to IT tumb. all workmanship done 100% exact. NEVER made a mistake like local PSO in and out is me area. (West coast)

    I measure/check span/pitches on all these balls after ups drops then off..again, even the best local PSO had messed up on my span, not buddies. All balls perfect. I use local PSO for other stuff like making dup IT thumb, molded thumb, supplies, etc....

    I never understood why many bowlers put their trust on a PSO, local or otherwise, and never knowing their span and pitches. But they seem to know everything else about bowling. Smh

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    I must add, when I used traditional thumb, buddies drilled the thumb hole to size and I did the rest of the thumb work at home.

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    Okay, here's the bottom line. I don't think it's a good idea, just like I don't think that it's a good idea to use different PSO's to drill your bowling balls. Once you find someone who does a great job and drills the balls exactly the same, stick with them. Whether you send it to an online service, or order it from a busy shop without knowing exactly who's drilling it, you are taking a chance IN MY OPINION. In my own case, my driller is also my best friend and weekly golfing buddy. I can call him to order a ball, tell him how I want it laid out (we learned the dual angle system together), and he will bring it to the golf course and it will fit perfectly. Every one of my bowling balls has one piece of white tape for feel, and fit exactly the same. While my situation is perfect, sending a ball to a place where you don't know the skill level of the individual who will actually be drilling your ball is about as imperfect of a situation as you could possibly find. Again, that's just my opinion.

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    Saw a couple people talking about sending their current ball away for a week... If you have an old ball that fits well you can send that over. I know I have a couple older/"dead" balls that I wouldn't mind boxing and sending to copy a drill on. Avoids any risk to your current arsenal.

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    Tony Ruocco here from I just thought I would chime in here and give you some information on our professional drilling services.

    We know that not everyone has the luxury of a knowledgeable pro shop that is open consistent hours and has inventory to take care of all of your needs. If you do, then there are obvious advantages to having your ball drilled and services locally. For those of you who do not have a local shop or they are not there when you need them or you just do not feel comfortable with the work they do, we are here for you.

    We have a few options if you want us to drill your new ball.

    1. You can enter your specs online, in your account. This option allows you to enter the specs your pro shop has given you or you may have received at a tournament, etc.
    - Before we drill your new ball, we will review your specs and contact you if we have any questions or if something doesnt appear to be correct

    2. If you have your own specs but dont feel confident enough to enter them on your own, you can fax or email those to us and we will enter them for you.
    - Again, we will review them and let you know if we have any questions

    3. Finally, and this is by far our most used service, we will pick up your existing bowling ball for FREE to copy the specs on your ball. While your old ball is with us we offer to resurface it completely free as well.
    - We send you a pre-paid UPS label, this not only makes it easy for you but also insures your package coming back to us in case something happens in transit.
    - When we get your ball back here we will copy the specs exactly as they are on your current ball
    - Keep in mind this is a great time to possibly look at going to a thumb mold, Turbo Switch Grip or other interchangeable thumb system. This makes going from ball to ball much easier and they all will feel the same. Also if you continue to use our drilling service you will not have to worry
    about working out the thumb hole each time you get a new ball.
    - Once your new ball is drilled, we will get it shipped back to you along with your old ball free of charge.

    All of our work is guaranteed to be drilled exactly to the specs of your old ball. We stand behind all of our work and our ball drillers have over 30+ years experience.

    If you have any other questions, we can assist you on here or you can call our customer service team anytime to discuss your next ball.

    Thanks for your support of bowling and for staying active on

    Tony R

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    I did this when I won the free ball here. It was less than half the cost of the local pro shop (which I really don't have a relationship with because they are never open) and included a free resurface of the old ball. I took my old ball to the UPS store and they double boxed and packed it for somewhere between 10 and 15 bucks. I was willing to take the risk on my old ball and I'm glad I did, as both balls look great.

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    I sent my ball to between seasons. My ball came back with the new ball I ordered. Process took about a 1.5 to 2 weeks if I remember correctly.
    Iím just a rec bowler so it wouldnít have been the end of the world if things didnít work out. But the new ball was exactly like my original. Iíve since ordered a second without issues and the fit was great.

    I donít have a pro shot at my local family fun center, so the convenience and price made it well worth the risk. Itís nice if I get the itch to just place an order and have it at my door step in about a week.

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    The way I see it if they mess up they obviously will be able to replace the ball, being they sell bowling balls. a pso will have to order it and have you wait 7 or more days.

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    I only have or buddies drill my stuff now and my experience have been great. Buddies did mess up a couple of balls and had the span too short but they fixed the issue free of charge. One thing I would suggest if you use an online driller, pay the $10 to get a mold of your thumb done. The exact contours of your thumbhole would be the hardest to get exact if drilling each time so a mold takes that out of the equation.

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