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    Hi, as the title suggests, I need help on my approach. The reason is because.... it doesn't exist. Yeah, there is no approach. I stand on the line, carefully aim, and throw. But thing is I am always scoring too low, normally 9's every frame, occasionally lower, and my end score usually is 80~, I really want to improve it, and this means driving more power into my shots by getting a real approach so I can finally make those strikes. Suggestions?

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    This link was shown to me by another member:

    Taught by Norm Duke ,one of the greats.
    He has a whole series of great videos!

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    Seconding those Norm Duke videos. Great basis for learning some of the basics

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    Would probably help if you uploaded a video. Do you hook the ball? Do you throw it straight?? If you normally get 9 pins every frame, focus on making your spares.... That will get your score up faster than anything else. If you 9/ every frame (9 / 9 in the 10th) that is a 190. Mix a strike or 2 in there every now and then and you are at 200.. I know easier said than done BUT the point is converting your spares is very important and missing spares will kill your score.

    Other than that, without uploading a video its tough to help. Youtube has plenty of helpful videos like the ones Santos recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C J View Post
    Would probably help if you uploaded a video.
    Given that idelarosa1 has no approach and just walks up to the foul stands there and then throws the ball. I don't believe a video of him would be of much value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowl1820 View Post
    Given that idelarosa1 has no approach and just walks up to the foul stands there and then throws the ball. I don't believe a video of him would be of much value.
    😂😂😂 I guess that's true lol... I'm just keeping y'all on your toes haha.

    Maybe a video of an attempt at an approach??

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    It's pretty simple your going to have to develop an approach. You can start with some of the instructional videos on youtube but if you really want to learn and bowl competitively get a coach.
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    Amyers nailed it. Find a coach or coaching clinic and go from there. It's not as hard as it may look to you.

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    If you can't afford a coach right away, be sure to watch some basic videos on this site or youtube first. It really helps also if you can video yourself, even with a cell phone. It's amazing how it feels like your doing everything correctly, then you watch yourself and see what your really doing!

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