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Thread: Re prior discussion on easy leagues with Aslan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    Yes those are all factors and we could also add the pins themselves as a variable. I'm sure most proprietors do indeed try to keep scoring up, in the case of center 1 where I bowl with the owner, GM, and the lane man that services and sets up the oiler I have witnessed many conversations about balance between not making it too easy but not so hard that tons of bowlers are complaining about not being able to score. The GM likes to make little changes to the machine to make sure it's not too predictable and forces players to make a little adjustment.

    The better players seem to have little trouble making the adjustment, while the rest of the players have slightly more trouble, I think this is also one of the contributing factors that lead toward more honor scores, and a lower overall player average for the center compared to center 2 where they generally do try and keep scoring high to promote more play.
    I like that he does that BUT i'm sure many people complain about the shot not being the same as last week. People get mad because they weren't able to stand on the same exact board as they did last week. Like seriously? Do you really expect to bowl on that EXACT condition every week?

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    What no mention of the corner pins being closer or farther from the gutter?
    How about gutter depth?

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    Well, first...kudos for posting data that proves me right (at least sort of). Many folks would see that I'm right and still absolutely refuse to acknowledge it.

    Second, I kinda disagree with Rob...I think pattern is by FAR the biggest impact on scoring...although there are other things like types of oil, etc... that can certainly make a shot easier. I KNOW, for a fact, that centers CAN manipulate their patterns to make them easier. There was a former PBA bowler that now owns a few centers and he was on one of the PBA broadcasts talking about how he likes to make his shots at his centers as easy as possible because it's his personal belief that league bowling should be all about eating wings, drinking beer, and having fun...not "banging your head against the wall" in frustration.

    Third...I have slightly "conceded" the point that your Wednesday center was absolutely easier...because I've seen leagues in this area where there are quite a few honor scores as well...and there are certainly leagues where some more competitive bowlers "congregate" which also can explain it. I was hoping to actually bowl in these leagues to see where my average ended up and if I hit any honor scores to see if it's a center issues or more likely just the make-up of the league. I haven't ever been in a league where it's been primarily high average bowlers. I've been primarily in leagues where there were certainly some high level bowlers...but they were extremely large leagues with a great many very low average bowlers as well. So, the jury is still out on where I stand on the issue until I have a chance to test the new waters here in the Midwest. may also be that the honor score fellas took the summer off. I don't 'think' that's it...I think you'll see that Center #1 is just an easier center...and unfortunately easier centers attract more bowlers. I've actually seen it first hand when a local AMF center changed their shot after the Bowlmor takeover. Suddenly 180-190 average bowlers were averaging 195-225 and the league went from a few honor scores a year to 6-7 honor scores per season. I personally was averaging 190-192 in that league when I was averaging 175-185 at two other centers. Bowling league at that easier center cost me a BVL title because I got jacked into the highest level division due to the 190+ average.

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