The Forza SS is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling. What makes this release so special is because we have brought back one of our most successful and all around fan favorite cores we have ever produced, the Sigma core. Combining the Sigma core with the new Helix HFS (High Friction Solid) cover stock, the Froza SS is design to give MOTIV fans something that will hook but still give you smooth down lane motion and still have enough energy to get through the pins. You will never see any motion like this on the lanes. Get you Forza SS now at your local pro shop today.

NNER CORE Sigma Core
COVER STOCK Helix HFS Reactive
FINISH 3000 Grit LSS


When I first learned that the Sigma Core was back, I literally did the Daniel Bryan yes chant. That core as brought me so much success on all lane conditions and pretty much made me fall in love with MOTIV. Throwing the Forza SS has brought back so many good memories and itís just nice to see the Sigma Core go through and destroy pins. If your looking for something that hooks but still want that continuation through the pins than the Forza SS is the ball for you. This bowling ball is special and when you throw it you shall see how special it is. High Rev Players will love the versatility the Forza SS brings the lane motion and continuation through the pins on all conditions. Medium to low rev players will love the Froza SS because it will be a benchmark ball for you on house conditions and the go to ball on tournament conditions.

Likes: Smooth down lane motion; Strong Hook; Strong continuation through the pins.

Dislikes: None.

I recommend the Forza SS for all types of bowlers.

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson