65 x 4 ¾ x 40

The next step in MOTIV’s coverstock technology has arrived: the Quest is on. The Trident Quest follows up the original Trident by using the steady Turbulent core (2.49RG, .054Diff) but takes a radical departure in its reaction thanks to the brand new Hexion reaction coverstock (finished at 5000LSP). This new cover brings back the length and backend reaction not fully seen since the Fusion Pearl reactive coverstock first used on the Primal Rage. I drilled mine for length with backend snap and that is exactly what I received. Even with the stronger core the Quest glides through the fronts easily. In the mids you can see the ball starting to read but you do not see it starting to bleed any energy, it still keeps pushing down the lane towards the breakpoint. Once friction is found a pronounced, sharp motion is produced thereby allowing the ball to enter the pocket at steeper angles. While I have had to keep my lines in front of me to start on a fresh house shot, I have been able to continue moving left as the lanes break down without any hesitation; not yet have I found ‘too far left’ to be in this ball’s vocabulary during a typical league set. Anytime I can project the ball through oil to friction, the response and left turn impresses me. Simply put, the Trident Quest is Medium-Heavy to Medium skid-snap.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
MOTIV staff