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    DV8 Creed is an amazing ball that is certainly clean through the heads and with a strong backend. I had the fantastic team @ drill my ball using Layout #3, The Big Flip, and could not be more satisfied with the results. I opened league with a 243 and overall 683 series after taking 4-years off. It is a great ball to start league with and could help setup a good breakpoint for a ball change later in league play if the DV8 Creed ball reaction is too strong. Definitely recommended for any bowler looking for a new ball.

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    Anyone have any reviews for the DV8 Creed? I read positive things about the ball and hardly any reviews from any users on here. I recently changed the surface on the ball from a 500 to 2000 polished and moved it to a 3000 as of this week to give it more length. Still has the drive and hits hard, but definitely can use the ball now on dryer conditions as the house shot has changed.

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    I haven't used it personally but I have a few friends that do. Both of them are big fans of it. The ball does get through the heads with some midlane read but not a lot with a pretty good size backend reaction. Can't really be more detailed than that without throwing it myself
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    One of my teammates has a DV8 Creed. He is also a lefty. He throws about the 2nd arrow and the ball rolls pretty straight for quite awhile. The first few times I saw it I thought he screwed up and was going to take out the left side of the rack. Seems like about 5' before the pins it turns right hard. Good pin action too. I don't know much more about the ball as far as how it is drilled or finish or anything. It is pretty dull and knowing him it is likely OOB with a bunch of wear. I doubt he even wipes it down. It looks pretty dull and worn.


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