Charcoal Solid/Red
Core: Sigma
Coverstock: Helix HFS Reactive
Finish: 3000 Grit LSS
RG: 2.47 (for 15# ball)
Differential: .047 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Medium-Heavy Oil

Summary: The Forza SS is the 4th installment of the Forza series and the 2nd with a solid cover, the Helix High Friction Solid Reactive makes the Forza SS the strongest and earliest of the four. The concept behind the Forza SS was to develop a ball that will provide versatility and plenty of hook potential and the SS does as advertised, out of box I found the SS to be very early and it let me know if the pattern had enough oil for it to serve its purpose. Iíve had a lot of success with the Forza series and I love it for the consistency it gives me and the Sigma core is one of my all-time favorite cores.

In its natural state the SS is early and commands oil because of the amount of teeth the cover possesses, the roll is continuously heavy which I found ideal for when I encountered over/under conditions as the SS would roll right through it. In terms of hook I got more than what I bargained for as the original Forza never left me wanting for hook but the Forza SS gives me so much more, I love the SS at box.

The original Forza was controllable and early which made it ideal for medium heavy patterns, The Forza Redline provided a faster response time upon encountering friction as well as providing a more angular ball motion, The Forza GT provided a controlled ball motion, and the Forza SS is the strongest ball in the Forza series In comparing the Forza SS to my Ghost the Ghost is stronger overall, although the shape is similar to the SS the Ghost is earlier than the SS. It also possesses more overall hook and can handle more oil than the SS. In comparing the Forza SS to my Venom Shock I found the Shock to be cleaner than the SS overall and has a faster response time to friction than that of the SS, overall the Shock is smaller than the SS.

If you've got a love jones for the Forza series much like myself I encourage you give the Forza SS a moment of your time.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II

WhyBowl Staff

Mongoose Staff