The Brunswick Vintage Inferno makes bringing the heat with old-school flair effortless and flawless.

The Vintage Inferno features the new Activator 2.0 coverstock, which brings and updated edge to the original Activator coverstock of the Inferno. This new mix of a classic formulation brings a reminiscent feel to modern lanes, all while being able to face slicker oil conditions. Polished to a 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound finish, the Vintage Inferno glides through the heads with ease to deliver an arcing motion on medium oil.

Fueled by the Vintage Inferno Low RG Symmetric Core, the Vintage Inferno delivers a high track flare with a low RG, making this ball perfect for getting through a variety of conditions, making it a great go-to ball for when conditions are tough.

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