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Thread: What is the best split you have picked up?

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    best spare i hit well i have 2 amazing ones in my mind.
    i left the 1, 7 ,10 idk how i did it but i left it my ball missed the head pin and just took the other ones out
    and i just went for a brooklen strike and kicked the 1 into the 10 and ball kept rolling into the 7.

    2nd i hit the 7, 9 , 10 was pretty cool kicked the 9 over 2the 7 was only shooting for the 9/10 got lucky i guess

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    I'd have to agree, the 7, 9, 10 would be my best split I've picked up. The only one I haven't picked up is the Big 4. The closest I've come is kicking the 6 in between the 4, 7 without touching either to come to rest in the gutter. All I could do was laugh and shake my head. I picked up the 7, 10 with a 10 lb house ball at the 10 pin. Sometimes it's nice having small/skinny hands.

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    the 7-9 split is the besti,ve picked up thus far........
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