Coverstock name: Micro DNA Solid
Weight Block: Hotshot (symmetrical)
OOB Finish: 2000 grit pad
Weight: 14lbs

Layout: 5 x 4 x 2, no balance hole needed

What I expected: With putting one of my favorite layouts on this, I expected it to get down lane and be somewhat controllable.

What I got: It got down lane as expected, but the 2000 grit surface was just too much on the back end and created a TON of entry angle and unpredictability. I didn't expect this after seeing how well the original No Rules (same coverstock) reacted down lane. While the Higher RG definitely helped this ball get down lane and retain some energy, the OOB surface was just too much for me to try and tame.

What I ended up doing: After about 12 games, I took the ball up to 4000 grit Abralon and boy was that a game changer. It's my go to ball to start out the night. It gets down lane still, but has a more controlled arc to the motion off the end of the pattern. For an HP2 level ball, this ball HOOKS a ton. It allows me to move a little deeper inside and create more entry angle, and when it starts getting a little jumpy, I can either move deeper inside, or switch to something pearl and get a similar look as I started with (have been switching to my Storm Timeless, which seems to pair very well).

Closing: If you need a ball to get down lane, or even a step down from a No Rules or No Rules Exist, this may be it. With the higher RG core, it will allow you to get the ball down lane and retain a similar backend motion off the end of the pattern. If you're looking for something for a bit more oil at a budget, this is quite the bang for the buck with being in the HP2 lineup. If you need to smooth it out on the backend, don't be afraid to take it up to 4000 grit.