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Thread: Pro Shop here changing to new owner: "Bowlaholics Pro Shop"

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    Default Pro Shop here changing to new owner: "Bowlaholics Pro Shop"

    Just found out today the Pro Shop here "Southern Bowlers Supply", which has been here at PinChasers for 28 years is closing. Drew Markwardt owner and the grandson of Ed Markwardt the founder of the shop is leaving it (I don't know the reason).

    Good news is that it already has a new owner! Dan Knowlton (User: MOTIVatedbowlaholic on here) who is on the Motiv Staff and is a well respected bowler at the lanes here and who owns the other pro shop in town "Bowlaholics Pro Shop" which he maintains in his main business K&K Glass.

    Is taking it over they are currently remodeling and hope to be back open on Monday December 4th.

    Here's wishing luck to Dan with the new shop.
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    Best of luck, Dan!
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    Good to hear the shop wasn’t lost for good.

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