Talk Bowling - Episode #136 Talk Bowling is proud to be bringing you the latest information from the bowling industry, bowling tips and updates from the world’s largest bowling website, Question from Email: Q - I recently did a ball demo/clinic in Omaha, NE and was able to test multiple brands new equipment. My question is, how are demo balls drilled? Are they drilled to one specific pattern? I was able to use multiple balls and they actually came off my hand cleaner than my own ball. Ed T Question from Email: Q - Happened upon your episode 11 and had a question. I have been bowling straight forever, including in leagues for over 14 years. I have often been told to try hooking the ball to increase consistency. Would you suggest finger inserts for my current ball or buying a new ball and having it drilled for hooking the ball? If a new ball is recommended should I put finger inserts in or try without them first? Sheena R Upcoming Releases: C300 Lit - 9/5/17 Ebonite Affinity - 9/5/17 Track Logix - 9/5/17 Radical Cyclops Pearl - More Cash - 9/5/17 RG Hot Cell - 9/15/1