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Thread: Bowling Shirts - anything besides Hilton?

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    Default Bowling Shirts - anything besides Hilton?

    My team is trying to get traditional bowling shirts with our team logo and names embroidered.

    something like this

    any other brands folks can recommend that aren't super expensive? we simple people that just want to have some fun. I tried a store on etsy but they refused to do it because our logo was too complicated (its not at all)

    any help is appreciated.

    gracias muchachos

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    I've been wearing VIS shirts for over a year now. They are based out of Italy, and do some amazing things. Fairly quick on shipping. Run around $65 plus shipping. Any design you can dream up, they can turn it into shirt magic. If you're interested I can get you in touch with the lady who designs mine.
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    that would be good- thank you

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