INNER CORE - Predator V3™
COVERSTOCK - Coercion™ HV2 Reactive
FINISH - 2000 Grit LSS
RG RATING - 2.47 (15 lbs)
RG DIFFERENTIAL - 0.55 (15 lbs)


The Jackal Rising is another step forward in the evolution of the Jackal line. The Rising takes what made the Ghost such a huge success and improves upon it. This ball hooks a lot! It reads early and continues hooking across the entire line. The Rising isn't as forward off the spot which will allow bowlers to get in and play steeper angles on heavier oil. This adds to overall versatility. With a strong slow response, the Rising also thrives when playing up the lane (shallow angles) on heavier oil. Being able to hook in oil and not overreact off the friction, the Rising is able to be utilized by a multitude of different styles.



In my Jackal Rising ball motion video I compared it to the Jackal Ghost, Trident Quest, and the Forza SS. The Rising is a full zone (5 boards) stronger than Ghost which came as a pleasant surprise to me. The other difference I saw between the Rising and Ghost were how they responded to friction from steeper angles. The Rising was able to recover and continue through the pins from deeper inside than the Ghost. The Ghost is much more forward off the spot. As for the Quest and SS, they both have less overall hook than the Ghost and by extension the Jackal Rising. Check out the video to see how all the shapes stack up against each other in the ball comparison section.


The Jackal Rising hooks. It hooks a lot. Not only does it hook, but it can carry from steep angles which is something I can't say for most big, early, asymm balls. After I drilled it up and got to throw it for the first time, I kept moving left to try and leave a flat 10. I'd strike, move left, strike, move left, strike, move left, and kept on striking. I couldn't get the ball to flat 10 on the house pattern I was bowling on. Given the fact I bowl on old wood lanes, I was completely stunned it never happened. The Jackal Rising is much more versatile than one might think. It rolls fantastic in heavier oil playing up the lane, but if you have to move in and open up the lane, your carry won't suffer. I've drilled two so far and have another on the way. Lastly, the cover responds extremely well to surface changes and polish. While the overall motion doesn't change drastically, polish will allow you to stay in the same zone for much longer. If you are looking for a strong versatile asymm, do yourself a favor and get a Jackal Rising!


Doug Anderson