I have a similar story of coming back after a long hiatus. I quit when I was 17 thanks to shoulder problems and picked up two years ago at then 33.

As a teenager, my ball path sounds very similar to what you describe, just a right handed version of it. I rolled a 16lb Columbia pulse back then.

I made my comeback with a 14lb Ebonite Cyclone, which is a very aggressive ball for the money. I have one of the larger hooks in my league, many people comment on it... and I want something that gets more reaction now.

The game is the same but not, thanks to technology. My modern urethane spare ball moves more than my old Pulse did if I employ it as a strike in drier conditions. I decided to embrace the big hook, and it's starting to come together but it's taken a couple of years.

Whatever you arrive at, have fun!