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Thread: League Payouts

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    We pay $23 per week for 33 weeks. $1 of the fee is for 50\50 tickets. You get one ticket every week in your pay envelope.
    We collect $91,080 in a season. Lineage is $9.80 for a total of $38,808 which is 42% of weekly dues.
    $6,549 covers awards, sec-treas, each half champion and over all champ, expenses and banquet.
    That leaves $19.45 per point on a 7 point system.

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    The house usually has a set fee per week. This year ours was $15 per bowler per week. Then we had a $1 secretary fund and $4 prize fund for a total of $20 per week per bowler.

    I've found that a typical league here has Place Money and Point Money. Place money typically only pays 1st through 5th, but I've seen them also pay down to 8th.

    Point Money takes the remainder of the prize fund (after Place Money and Team/Individual achievements) and divides it by the number of points won by each team. So all teams get money.


    1st Place $500 + point money
    2nd Place $300 + point money
    3rd Place $100 + point money
    4th Place Point Money
    5th Place Point Money
    6th Place Point Money

    Of course, amounts depend on what is paid in. Another league is quite large and the fee is $22 + a one time sponsor fee. $6 per bowler goes into the prize fund each week. $15,360 this last year.

    I was the secretary on a mixed league and we had something that seems to be unusual. A banquet fund. Each person was paying $1 per week into the banquet fund, which meant at the end of the year you could have a decent banquet ($32 a plate, effectively).

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    Well, first off, if the league doesn't have that big of a prize fund, the bowlers are there for the fun of the league and not to win money. So that said, what would it take to actually win money.

    Lets say your league is $15 per week per person for a 4 person team, going for 32 weeks. 15 x 32 = $480, x4 = $1920 So first place would need to be $1920 just for them to break even.

    I've bowled on 2 mixed leagues for about 30 years now. Been the secretary on both for at least 25 years. Neither league has had a big enough prize fund for first place to break even unless we gave them half the prize fund. Prize fund has varied over the years due to number of teams. I think the highest I ever saw was near $7000 for 16 teams.

    Our mens league is a different story. $6 per week per bowler for 32 weeks goes to the prize fund. This year we had 14 teams. $420 a week x 32 weeks = $13,440.

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