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Thread: League Payouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phonetek View Post
    This is probably a stupid question that I SHOULD know the answer to but who is supposed to provide the trophies? Is it the center, the league or USBC on a certified league? Personally I could care less about yet another chunk of wood, metal and plastic to sit on a shelf that I rarely look at. I have enough from years past and some have been in boxes in the attic for 20 years or longer. LOL
    Itís up to the league to decide whether or not to give out trophies. Sometimes the bowling center will provide some of the tropies for a league as part of the contract. One of my leagues gets a total of ten or twelve trophies, 5 bottles to be given out on bottle night, and 5 gift cards for a local supermarket at Thanksgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyCatFace View Post
    Iím talking about all 3, actually.
    Hey, if you disagree with the secretary getting a salary (which usually comes out to barely anything per bowler per week, typically it ends up just rounding the dollar) for their work; volunteer to become secretary and do it for free. Everyone wins that way.

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