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    Default Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

    Never stop winning with the Brunswick Tenacity!

    Bringing Dynamicore technology to the all-new Tenacity Asymmetric core, the Tenacity is designed for maximum energy maintenance throughout the lane with its skid/flip motion, and maximum energy transfer right where you want it - the pins!
    The UR (Ultra Responsive) Pearl coverstock polished to a 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound finish allows for an easy skid through the heads with a tremendous move on the backend straight to the pins.

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    by any chance do you have a comparison video with a pin-up over ring finger and pin-up over middle finger? As I am studying more on layouts and understanding PAP's more, I am trying to see the difference on Pin to PAP as I believe the longer Pin to PAP can create more distance?

    Majority of my equipment is drilled over my ring finger and I do not have a pin-down or lengthier pin-up layout and I am trying to see if something different would benefit my overall game.

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    For information on drilling, I suggest the following site.

    Also, look at
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