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Thread: Balance Arm Question

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    Its funny, but I learned how to bowl with a limp balance arm. My hand would rest almost straight down at my side and then as I threw the ball, I would rest my hand on the side of my leg. It was not a thing that I did consciously. I still *usually* had a good balance and could post shots. It wasn't really until I switched bowling styles that I ever noticed what I was doing. Next time I bowl one-handed I'll have to try fiddling around with the balance arm.
    A slow throwing cranker I used to bowl with used to grab his left leg before the front swing. It was the only way he could bend his leg. On his follow through he got a ton of lift, if he had anymore revs he'd put a burn line down the lane. He threw a ton of strikes with the help of the side boards but he couldn't pick up a spare to save his life. He'd either throw 240's or 110. LOL

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    I tried this out last night, pointing my thumb down and wow did it screw me up at first. LOL I did see the difference though. It's gonna take some getting used to because it doesn't feel very natural. Then again, any change after doing something the same way for over 3 decades won't.

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