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Thread: Pyramid Blood Moon Rising ball demo

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    Default Pyramid Blood Moon Rising ball demo

    Okay, so a lot of people hype bowling balls and say this is the greatest thing since blah blah blah. Well I'm kind of going to do that. I love this ball!!! Here's the hype part. I have begun to use this ball almost exclusively for league at a bowling center that gives me trouble. Well since I've used this ball there, I haven't shot less than a 700 series there. I'm not over exaggerating either. This is my favorite Pyramid far. Guys I bowl with have now taken notice and know I throw Pyramid. The word is starting to spread.

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    Great video! And even better bowling!

    Thank you for sharing.
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    So after seeing me use the Blood Moon Rising, my bowling buddy had to get one for himself. So here's what it looks like when a lefty gives the Blood Moon Rising a shot.

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