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Thread: SKYtomo: How to over Bowling curve strongest rotation! You can Lowdown learn.

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    Another very short video to add by Coach Joseph Slowinski, Where he's showing basically the same thing as Skytomo just done more slowly.

    And he explains what the hand, fingers etc are doing:

    Note: From what I gather the Japanese refer to this as the "Lowdown" or "Energy Saving" Release. (aka:Modern release)

    "Maximum energy transfer from bowler to bowling ball requires the forearm in the center of the bowling ball. To maximize your rev rate, the fingers go under and through the center of the ball like a gear. There is no upward motion. Wrist begins flexed to move more under the ball (requires strong forearm flexor muscles). Then the elbow is extended parallel with the lane, away from the body, leading to full elbow extension."

    Question: "Wouldn't this ball go straight or even slightly backup?"

    Answer: "The goal of the video is to highlight the ideal central position of the hand into the release as well as the important of wrist flexion into release to creation a longer arc distance traveled with the fingers. If the palm rotates as the elbow extends, the fingers will continue to rotate, leading to a specific axis of rotation and subsequent motion that is not straight or a back-up. With a higher rev rate, low axis of rotation can release a great deal of right-to-left ball motion (RH)."
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    Definitely not as "aggressive" as the Skytomo example...interesting.

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    I just gave this a try tossing a ball into a chair, and surprisingly it felt very relaxed and did put a lot of revs on the ball. I'll be interested to try it next time I'm at the center.

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