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Thread: Dynamo: Malestrom of destruction

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    Exclamation Dynamo: Malestrom of destruction

    you will not believe your eyes when you see what this ball can do, and it's out of the box surface is a modest 4000 grit abralon. non-believers, open your eyes and opponents, say your prayers. the dynamo with it's patented "hurricane core" and "category 5 coverstock", combine to whip and destroy pins with ruthless aggression. the ball continues to build energy from the point of release and uncoils that power on the pins. look for this ball to be the next "ball of the year".

    i threw this ball in oob condition on a fresh house shot with some speed and i could not keep the ball on the lane. in order to control it i was forced to polish it, when i did, OH MY!!!! solid hits, light hits, brooklyn and jersey hits, yes, i did switch and throw the ball left handed, all had the same result, STRIKES!!!

    LONG PATTERN SPORT SHOTS, SHARK, VIPER, US OPEN PATTERNS will be in big trouble with this ball...

    it's true what they say, "nothing cuts wood like a buzzsaw" Lane #1 baby.......
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    Default wow!

    i love my dynamo the pin action is amazing even if it goes through the head pin the pins will explode off the deck i will never use another ball again i love it!

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