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Thread: Blog Writers Wanted

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    Give me a shout when the blog section is complete. I'd be more than willing to do some writing and show off my blog.
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    sounds great I will keep you posted
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    This is a good idea. Another site that I was associated with once upon a time did something similar and called it a 'Daily Disturbance', where it wasn't necessarily a blog 'per se', but thoughts/ramblings/provocations/etc....about what was on the mind of 10 select people. 75% of the time it was on the topic of the site (pc related) but the other 25% was anything goes. It was great fun reading and discussing the various topics.

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    I could be intereted. I bowl every night but mon and tues and atleast 1 state wide trny a month.
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    If I were more involved in the goings-on at the center my parents own...I'd offer to write about it.

    That could be a funny blog subject. The daily goings-on in a bowling alley, a view the customers usually don't get, complete with mishaps and all.

    I could write about some of the things we've encountered....but I'd run out of material after about 3 or 4 entries lol
    like a couple of months ago....I believe some drunk guy knocked a urinal off the wall in the men's room and flooded it
    or how we spent $300,000 converting our 24 lane center from wood to synthetic, maybe customers would have a better appreciation for the equipment with that P.O.V
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    ill do one gladly.
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    KingPin - sent you a message directly with more information.

    Blogs are good when they reach an audience that appreciates them. I think the vast (VAST) majority of blogs go unread because, really, readers aren't as interested in the blogger as much as the blogger is interested in him/herself.

    At least here, we visitors share a common interest: bowling. I'd read the blog of a brand-new bowler's weekly league experiences if it was well written with some thought given to how the audience will benefit from the author's insights and much thought given to a fresh topic emphasis each week. Without that, I think it becomes a candidate for wasting space.

    Take it from someone who loves all things bowling and has tried authoring a bowling blog: it takes a clear goal and a firm commitment to produce a quality product. One should not offer lightly.
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