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Thread: Aiming-Is my technique odd?

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    My aiming method changes depending an the pattern being bowled on. Shorter patterns , light volume or higher friction surfaces I look further down lane as ball is going to hook more. Longer patterns or heavier volumes I target at or closer to the arrows. I never target any closer to the line than the arrows.
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    I tried some arrow bowling this weekend but it's just not for me. I put the ball down all over the place and felt unsure on my walk up to the foul line.

    Went back to my front line dots and bowled a 220 game which is the highest 200 game I've bowled since we've (my son and I) gotten back into it.

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    This is actually a very difficult and challenging question. It has so many variables and is very complicated to explain. It starts with the physical, how my body feels that day, am I loose, tense or in pain? How does the grip on the ball feel? Then comes the mental, what is my mood? Am I stressed and annoyed or am I happy and confident? Am I focused or loosing concentration? All of which can help or hurt accuracy and not unlike the lanes which are always different. I tend to switch targets due to the circumstances. Sometimes the dots, sometimes the arrows and even in between the two perhaps a wood grain, knot, smudge or scuff as long as it's distinctive. Either way it's always changing. Other variables are on the shot conditions and what I need to do at the time.

    It's just so many micro adjustments. If I need loft I look farther, if I need speed I look closer. I "generally" start at the dots and look farther if I need to. If I notice I'm off more than a board or two of accuracy I'll look farther to the arrows to improve it. From there I'll then start adjusting my feet. Sometimes closer to take smaller steps, sometimes farther to take bigger steps and of course left and right.

    On cross alley shots it's always the arrows, thus far that hasn't changed. I have tried looking farther down the lane at the range finders and even looking at that pin reflection but it doesn't work for me. Perhaps it's my crappy vision but it's very unnerving and dizzying for me to do that, especially the pins or reflection. I get better focus on the closer stuff.

    As you can see my targeting system depends on a great many things other than what line I'm playing. I'm sure not too many people choose their target based on mental status or physical well being. Perhaps it's way too over complicated but I have a weird way of thinking if you hadn't noticed long before now. You may think it's ridiculous but it works for me. Suffice it to say, after 3 or 4 warm up shots I can generally figure out where I'll be targeting until adjustments are needed.
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