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    Being pretty new to the sport I'd say up front that I'm no where near an expert on how balls should perform. Was a 2 finger bowler most of my life and only recently learned to bowl thumb in.

    I've been playing a round with 4 different balls, each with a different playing profile: Pyramid Force, Blue Hammer, C 300 Tyrant Pearl, and Motiv Paranoia. I can't really comment on lane conditions as it seems to change randomly at my alley. Sometimes very dry, sometimes heavy oil, most of the time somewhere in between.

    The Force ball has become my go to ball. I've learned to throw it with a ton of revs that will really hook into the pocket but it's even more deadly when I throw it with very little revs and let it move into the pocket quietly at the end where it hits hard and drives through. I've had several 200+ games with it since learning this method.

    Easy to pick up spares on the center and left side of the frame but not 10 pin friendly.

    Overall I'm very pleased and got this ball for a steal. I'll have no hesitation in the future buying Pyramid Equipment as this overall out performs (as far as hook potential) any other ball I've thrown. On dry conditions it's tough to keep in the pocket without a lot of adjustment and doesn't seem to hit as hard when making these compensations but it's rare that I see really dry conditions.

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    This ball is a beast. I find it to be a little too aggressive house patterns though.


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