Being pretty new to the sport I'd say up front that I'm no where near an expert on how balls should perform. Was a 2 finger bowler most of my life and only recently learned to bowl thumb in.

I've been playing a round with 4 different balls, each with a different playing profile: Pyramid Force, Blue Hammer, C 300 Tyrant Pearl, and Motiv Paranoia.

The Tyrant Pearl is probably the most "fun" ball I've used so far. It gets down the lane, catches, and turns hard into the pocket. It always looks like it loses it's energy when it catches but once it hits the pins I know different. This ball hits hard and sends the pins flying in patterns that seem to produce strikes all over the place. I'd even say that, for me, it seems to be a strike machine when I miss the inside pocket and hit the opposite side of the head pin.

Again, I got this ball for a steal and it's been great. I'm not an expert on drill patterns but do know that this ball can be rolled in a way where it will not catch and instead stay straight on it's path. The ball's turn can be dramatically increased depending on how I throw it. It's harder to be consistent than the other balls I use but when I'm on it hits the hardest of any ball I've tried.

Personally I love the hockey stick like turn it makes and that adds to my enjoyment of the ball. On dry lanes I'm not able to adjust enough to consistently keep it on the inside pocket. But as I've mentioned earlier, that isn't always a bad thing with this ball.