So I went bowling on Sunday morning to practice, as I usually do, since there are many good bowlers there that I can talk bowling with. The lanes are always freshly dressed at 8 a.m., and I usually arrive around 9. The bowling alley is usually packed on Sunday mornings, so I found myself waiting for a lane, along with another guy. After a pair finished about 15 min later, we got those two lanes, with me taking the right one (I didn't want to cross because I just wanted to focus on some aspects of my game).

I knew only about 5 games were bowled on each lane judging by the time used on the overhead display, and the two guys did not have high rev rates AT ALL, so I knew the lanes were pretty much fresh oil. First game, I played around 20 at the arrows to 5 at the breakpoint with my Cell, shooting 259, while I watched the guy next to me play straight up the first arrow with a Black Widow, and barely get to the hole.

Midway through the second game, I find myself right up against the ball return already, which is odd because NOBODY else in the house is hooking the ball whatsoever. I ended up shooting 202, with my last few shots coming up high in the pocket.

I knew I had to still move left, so I ended up moving in front of the ball return, and using a 1 step approach (basically just swing my arm, stride out, and let it rip). I switched to my Cherry Vibe since I knew it would recover from such a deep angle, played with my right heel in the middle of the ball return, with a slight loft to clear the gutter. Dead flush in the pocket. Meanwhile, the guy next to me is complaining to his friend that there is so much oil out there, while I am almost on his lane trying to get the ball to the hole.

Does it make any sense that there could be THAT much of a difference, where I would have to make such a drastic move, whereas someone else can't get the ball to move AT ALL?