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How would you ever make any money with 36 lanes using the sports patterns? A good design is 60 lanes with 10 set aside for parties. It would be next to impossible to have enough scratch bowlers to fill that many lanes. Here in Metro Detroit the largest assn. in the USBC they can't get 150 bowlers to bowl in the open tournament. Too many really good bowlers and it cost too much for the payout. They have a few travel leagues and monthly tournaments but not much interest. Keep your Micky D's.
I think it would work but only here. We have those who will only bowl for fun, we have those who like to keep there scores low, we have those who want impossible lane conditions. The lanes that would not have much action would be the easy lanes.
All we have is pizza for food, so Micky D's would be good. WE do sell tons of beer tho....lol