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    Iím glad I found this board. Itís nice to see so much good information in one place. I started bowling at a young age, but had to quit due to a traveling job. I started back bowling last year after a 34 year absence. I canít believe the change of equipment! I used to crank on the ball to make it hook and now with my old release I canít control the reactive balls. Iím getting there though. Iím trying to ďrollĒ the ball and keep my hand behind it. Old habits are hard to break even though they were developed a long time ago.

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    welcome to the forum. there are a bunch of great members with good advice here.
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    Welcome to the boards. As a former cranker myself I will tell you it takes hard work and dicipline to break old habits
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    Welcome to the board.
    If in the Raleigh area hit me up and we can bowl.


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