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Thread: Young bowlers need encouragement

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    Default Young bowlers need encouragement

    Don't know if that is the right title for this. My not quite 2 year old grandson has just started with the Reading Rainbow series. Not sure what it is all about since I am 73 but I am sure it is wholesome considering his Mom and Dad. So the first lesson (?) I guess must contain something about people at a bowling alley. That is all he wants to watch - keeps asking his mom to rewind that part. I guess it helps a little to know that his dad (my son) and I have been long time bowlers and he has been to the bowling alley a few times. I am looking foward to a future bowling with him - and him beating the pants off me and his dad!!

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    That's true and nice tax good to see young ones learning an appreciation for the sport
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    Most likely it's the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" episode of Reading Rainbow. It's the tale of a little boy who offers a cookie to a mouse, and all the events that occur afterwards as a result.

    LeVar is in a bowling alley, showing how certain actions lead to consequences.

    Not a great clip but....

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