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Thread: KTC Bowling Tips Del Warren - Finish Position

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    Default KTC Bowling Tips Del Warren - Finish Position

    KTC Bowling Tips Del Warren - Finish Position
    In our series of tips, Del discusses the components that he looks for in an effective finish position.

    Right handed Stroker, high track ,about 13 degree axis tilt. PAP is located 5 9/16” over 1 3/4” up.Speed ave. about 14 mph at the pins. Medium rev’s.High Game 300, High series 798

    "Adjust too soon and maybe ruin one frame, adjust too late and ruin a game."

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    I have a lot of trouble with this. I have to repeat to myself “square up, and deliver!”

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    I experenced a little lower back pain today after bowling, and I'm wondering if my back leg is going too far over. I'll need to get some video.

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