Ball Specs:
Motiv Hydra
Hexion LFP
5000 LSP
Symmetric Halogen Core

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed 18

The New Motiv Hydra is a lot of ball for a value price. The Hydra comes with 5000LSP box finish and is what I have tested it most with. The Hydra hooks more than advertised at box finish and is real close to my Rage LE in total boards but has more length and back end motion. The Hydra clears the front part of the lane easily and has a good move on the back. The cover was adjusted to keep the ball from squirting through the break point. With todays very slick oils it is important a ball can read soon enough and still meet the design intent. Motiv has nailed the reaction on the Hydra and the Halogen core is a great match for this ball. I think the factory Finish is a nice choice for this ball. You can add polish for dryer lanes or higher rev rates and you will increase the length and backend of the Hydra. I love the way the Hydra reads the friction and has a strong angular move to the pocket. The carry is outstanding. This is a great ball to go to when a Shock is too strong or Freestyle is not enough. For me at box I put this ball above my Shock Pearl, which disagrees with the Motiv ball chart. With polish my Hydra is still a bit stronger than my Shock Pearl and I feel the Hydra is more predictable.
I have tested this ball on a lot of medium house patterns, but our flatter modified house shot matched up nicely with the Hydra at box finish. When I want to tighten up my lines or when bowling on dry and I have a bumper on the outside this ball will be an easy choice. I was able to even move left with my lower rev rate, come around the side of the ball more and the Hydra came back to the pocket nicely. I truly believe Motiv has another winner here due to the performance and price point of this ball. Surface adjustments also make this ball versatile.

The Hydra is a very good Med.-Dry Ball.
The New Hexion cover provides good read and angle.
A great ball when the VSP just won’t get there.
The Hydra is a super ball at a great price.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Motiv Staff
Turbo Staff