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You'll fit in just fine here. I'm way too nostalgic for a 48yr old for my own good to be honest. When I hear my kids ask questions like "What's a VHS tape or a CD? How do you read a clock with Roman Numerals on it? Dad....can you help me with this new Math?" When I ask the teens and 20's people who I work with which way "North" is and they have no clue and say "Who cares which way North is, only old people give directions that way." All I can do is "Face Palm" and shake my head. I think to myself, if the US ever gets hit by the electromagnetic pulse which by the way could very well happen and disable anything with a computer chip. You will see nothing but a rash of missing persons reports because so many under the age of 30 won't have a clue how to get home without GPS. Which unless they have that 57 Chevy they will have to do while getting picked up by Uber on a bicycle.

On the upside (I think) I'm happy to report (I guess) I finally cut off my long hair. No more mullet. My trademark got donated to "Locks for Love". No not a buzz cut, no "high and tight" for me but significantly short. However, since I am moving down to TN and that's sorta "the south" I could probably get away with regrowing it again and fitting in. Then again, I am saving a ton of money on shampoo & conditioner.
I said to one person my age that I liked records over CDs, and he asked me what a CD was. I'm pretty sure this guy was joking, but in all honesty I doubt he's ever heard vinyl before. I love my 45s and 33s, they sound so much better than the digitally recorded stuff.

Wow. A mullet. Retro, dude. I've donated my hair to Locks of Love before, too. And then I heard that they were caught selling the hair, not giving it to those in need as they claimed. I don't know if that is true or just a rumor.