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Thread: Threw two games with my son...

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    Default Threw two games with my son...

    I haven't thrown a ball in at least a couple months because of the ongoing issues still with my hand. Still making no headway on that front. I have that appointment with the rheumatologist at the end of the month and I'll wait and see what happens. My son begged me to bowl with him after work the other night. My hand hasn't been great but not terrible either. I've been doing hand exercises every day to increase flexibility that I found on the internet. It hurt but not enough to shut the lane down after a few throws like last time.

    I did okay. I was creaming the pocket every ball but I either left an undeserved split or strike. Suffice it to say I didn't pick up any of the splits, not even close so either a strike or open both games. Ended up with 194 and 221, not great but not all bad considering. The next day was a little rough but I think the exercises are helping a little. I may try throwing a couple more here and there and see how it goes.

    Another positive is my son is doing impressively well. 167 and 189. I need to put up a new video of him because I gotta say he throws a hell of a ball now. He sets it down beautifully with a very respectable rev rate. It's all about accuracy and consistency with him, he lacks both. If he can get that part refined then I can say it won't be long after to where I won't be much challenge for him. I see some serious doubles tournaments in our future! Seven months, only seven short months and he's easily 165-170 average up from his first game ever in Jan of 35. Unreal if you ask me.
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    That's awesome. We have a kid in our summer league that started bowling 6 years ago. His average is 231. He said he started bowling traditional but hurt his shoulder and now bowls 2 handed. He said his average his 1st year was 195 so your son sounds like he is on a similar path. Oh, and this kid entered a pro-am and won the amateur side and beat Pete Weber in the finals. This kid has 4 300's and 2 of them are in the past month.
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