I know I had a thread here somewhere but darned if I can find it. Anyway, since his first games back in Jan of this year he has made mega leaps and bounds. He still has much work to do. I can't get him to stay down at the line and post his shot and he brings the ball behind him on his back swing. Other than that I'm blown away. He throws a beautiful ball now, you don't even hear it hit the lane. I don't know what his rev rate is but it sure looks to be higher than mine.

Tonight he went to work with me and spent most of the 6 hours I worked on the lanes. He bowled 24 games which is more than he's ever bowled at once. (Good thing it's only 50 cents a game with my discount LOL) He wasn't gonna bowl much but on his third game he shot a 201 so that got him throttled up. On his 5th game he got a 237 his all time high! I watched him pick up a 5-7, 5-10 and a 6-7-10 split, all three were firsts for him. He was just killing it all night. Out of the remaining games 7 more were 200+, I'd have to go check specifics in his room since the printouts are on his wall already. LOL His low game of the 24 was 176. He wanted to figure out his average for the night but he came home, hung his scores, told him mom and passed out.

I don't know what's going on here with this kid but to do this in 7 months from his first time? I'm speechless. I know it took me a lot longer than 7 months from when I started to bowl my first 200 and quite a bit longer to get 230's. More like years than months I'm sure. He keeps this up I can see some definite possibilities for him in his future. Maybe scholarships? Junior gold? You never know I guess. All I know is I'm one very proud parent and I need to get my butt on the lanes and practice more so I can keep ahead of him. I'm just not ready yet to be the 2nd best bowler under this roof!