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That's awesome news. Hopefully the doc has a permanent solution and this isn't an issue every again.

On a side note, I love vacu-grips. I developed a small knot on my middle finger and I asked my PSO about it and he recommended vacu-grips and what a difference. The fingers are so much more comfortable and you actually get a little more revs on the ball.
I did have the vacu-grips put in. There is definitely a difference! A little more expensive than regular but worth it. I like how they gently suck around the fingers as opposed to jamming them in. (that sounds really bad but how else do I word it? LOL) I did get a callus that popped on the right of my middle finger looking at the top of my hand but I'm not sure if that's from the grips or the bazillion games I've bowled lately. No biggie though. I have definitely seen a significant rev increase, as I said before it's like it was in my 20's if not better. I feel like one of the big boys again. LOL I don't know if I can attribute that to the fact that my hand feels great, the weight drop to 15lbs or the vacu-grips. Likely the combo of all 3.

Oh this better be permanent, if not it's such a tease!