Description: The Rogue Blade is the fourth name to utilize the trusted Sigma core, previous generations include the SR2, Sigma Tour, Sigma Sting, Sigma Hybrid and the most recent, the Forza SS. However, with this release itís obviously wrapped in a new cover, Hexion SE, meaning a Strength Enhanced version of the existing Hexion cover stock.

Reaction: The Rogue Blade does use a version of Hexion, but I wouldnít characterize the ball as having quite the angular motion you are used to seeing in balls like the Lethal Paranoia and the Hydra even though they both use a version of the Hexion cover stock. This new release is going to be a benchmark ball with a little quicker motion than MOTIVís previous benchmarks, like the Sigma Sting and Forza Redline. Even with the low RG (2.47) core, it still gets plenty of length with the out of box surface (4000 Grit LSS). This will truly be a ball that you can use for an entire league night. Itís plenty strong enough to start on the fresh and blend the pattern early yet creates enough angle down lane even when playing steeper angles. It will be good in a lot of scenariosÖmost except the extreme conditions. You can find balls that read earlier and are smoother and you can also find balls cleaner and more angular. However, Iíve added surface, and this is easily the strongest symmetrical ball in MOTIVís lineup, the same goes for polishing it, you can certainly get this ball to be cleaner and quicker. So, you can dictate where this benchmark ball will fit best for you.

Comparisons: The Rogue Blade is the strongest ball that the Sigma core has ever touched, it is also the most angular ball that the Sigma core has ever touched. I think the Sigma Tour was a great piece at the time, but MOTIV was not the company that they are now today. The Rogue Blade is an improvement on what so many people liked in the Sigma Tour. I say improvement because the Sigma Tour was a little lazy down lane at times, but the Rogue Blade is not too angular where you will struggle with the over/under on house patterns. Now, the Forza SS is earlier and much smoother when encountering friction. Honestly, I have the Rogue Blade just a little stronger than my Forza SS as far as hook potential. If you had identical layouts and surfaces on the Forza SS and Rogue Blade, the Rogue Blade would be stronger. So, if you feel the Forza SS blends the pattern too much and you could use more shape the Rogue Blade will be a great addition with similar hook potential.

Summary: This will be a benchmark ball for just about anyone. I rarely seeing it as too strong or too weak for league bowlers. I think for me this is also a ball that will make the trip to USBCís next season. I really like how it shows me the lane and if itís not the right ball it will help me identify which ball I should be using.
Mike Magolan

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