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Thread: What a Night!!!

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    Awesome! now share it with me cause i just got home from a rough
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    Quote Originally Posted by boatman37 View Post
    Awesome! now share it with me cause i just got home from a rough
    Really, it was just a fix to my timing. Standing straighter at the push away, and waiting a teensy bit longer before dropping the ball into a swing.
    That late timing really allows me to set myself before the ball comes through, and I can focus on what I want to do with it.

    My biggest problem now is just keeping my speed up, so I donít hit Brooklyn. Iím not really trying to hook it at all, itís just coming off my hand.

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    I hope I can find some of that magic bowling juju when my league starts next week!

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    Awesome to see this Grumpy! Getting that first 600 series and then another in quick succession is awesome. Looks like consistency is working for you right now. Keep it up.
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