There was an idea.
To bring together a group of remarkable people.
To see if they could create a better core.
So when bowlers needed a versatile benchmark it would fight the battles.
And they created the Sigma Core.
Sigma Tour
Sigma Hybrid
Sigma Sting
Rogue Blade

The Sigma Core has been a favorite to both the casual and competitive bowler due to its powerful versatility, within the Rogue Blade it has been merged with a low RG providing it with simplistic revs and continuous control in the mid-lane. Wrapped around the Sigma Core is Hexion Strength Enhanced coverstock that builds upon the original angular coverstock, Hexion Strength Enhanced is stronger in the oil and provides an earlier angular motion down lane. The ending result is a stronger motion than that of the original Hexion cover without the fighter sacrificing angularity. Out of box the Rogue Blade comes at 4 grand.

There is nothing like having two things you love coming together for the greater good of your game, Sigma Core and Hexion. Designed to combat medium oil I have found the Rogue Blade suitable to handle medium-heavy patterns as well to an extent while at box surface and while it is a reasonable assessment to compare it to the Sigma Sting the Rogue Blade picks up sooner and has a heavier mid-lane presence, in my bag the Rogue Blade is in between my Trident Quest and Lethal Paranoia. If you are a fan of the Sigma Core then youíre also a fan of mid-land ball motion and the Rogue offers just that, it being angular down lane is what I consider to be a bonus. When it became time for me to open up my angles cornering and deflection wasnít an issue and this is where the ghost of the Sigma Sting reared its head as it to was excellent at cornering, however it wasnít great at doing so it heavy oil in my hands as the Rogue Blade. Once the Rogue Blade serves it purpose itís very easy and convenient to ball down to either the Venom Shock Pearl or the Hydra depending on the ball motion you desire, as a fan of mid-lane presence I ball down to the Venom Shock Pearl.

Another weapon crafted by Muskegon that does as advertised on the desired condition. If youíre a fan of controlled continuation I encourage you take a look at the Rogue Blade.
Your game will thank you for it.
K.C. White II
Motiv Staff
Why Bowl Staff