Description: The Trident Abyss is the third Trident in the very successful series. It is the first Trident however to have a solid coverstock (Coercion HV3 Reactive). The box finish is 2000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan Sanded). It uses the same Turbulent Core, with an RG of 2.49 and a .054 differential. According to MOTIVís hook scale it is tied for their most hooking ball produced, however I think itís noticeable stronger than the Jackal Rising.

Reaction: Letís get down to itÖit is the most hook Iíve ever had, it is not equal to the Jackalís, it is more. Everyone says a ball really hooks and the newest one always seems to be the strongest, so I really want to back it up with a description. Being asymmetrical it does start up soon, but it is not too early where all the hook is only in the front part of the lane. The hook potential is evenly disbursed throughout the entire lane, front, middle and backend. You will notice the original Trident is now in the Heavy Oil/Angular spot on the Ball Guide ( The NEW Trident Abyss may be in the same row but it is placed in the Heavy Oil/Smooth location on the ball guide. I have had the ball for a while now and it easily has 20+ games on it already. I feel the cover has really held itís out of box surface grit as well, it has barely if at all, shined up in 20 games. This is going to be a ball that will make my bag for just about every tournament. It allows me to get in ahead of some of the other players a little quicker and stay ahead of the moves all while allowing me to control the lane with ease. No doubt a ball to be utilized on say the USBC pattern for doubles/singles that has been laid out the last few years.

Comparisons: The original Trident in my opinion is cleaner and more angular than the Trident Abyss, as stated earlier and shown on the latest Ball Guide. I see the Trident Abyss suited best on fresh and heavier conditions. Thus far in league it isnít a ball I have stayed with for an entire 3 games, but for me there isnít an asymmetrical ball that I could probably stay with for 3 games on ďmostĒ league conditions. Compared to a Villain, I feel the Villain is cleaner and just picks up a little more down lane, in addition to it forcing me to move at least a zone if not two away from the puddle.

I think MOTIVís last 3 releases could round out an entire 3-ball lineupÖThe Trident Abyss is your strongest couldnít ask for more hook ball, the Rogue Blade your benchmark ball that isnít too strong or too weak without being too smooth or too angular and finally a Hydra which is so clean and retains energy on even the lightest or driest of patterns.

Summary: Itís very apparent what you get with the Trident Abyss, hook in a box. You also are getting a lot of control, yet no hesitation down lane. This is currently one of, if not the strongest ball on the market. Has a different shelf appeal too with the two-tone gray scheme.

Mike Magolan
MOTIV | Turbo | Brotherhood Sport Apparel | BowlerX, Staff Member